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Owning a home means that you are responsible for your utilities. Even if you are renting, many of your utilities may not be included in the price. Fortunately, it is possible to cut back on the cost of your bills by following a few simple tricks. … (read more…)

Driving to work each day is something that can’t be avoided—after all, earning that paycheck is vital! However, if you are like most people, you don’t want to spend more than you have to on your trip to and from your job. These three tips will help you hold on to that paycheck a … (read more…)

In today’s slightly volatile job market it is always a good idea to start saving today for funds that you might need tomorrow. As with most things financial, saving starts with a plan. … (read more…)

With both smart spending and investing, you can avoid falling into debt, be ready for retirement, pay for college and build a savings account. The number one money pit that Americans fall into is credit card debt. While having a few credit cards is a great way to establish credit, restraint shoul … (read more…)